No, It's Not The Panic Button, It Is The Revival Button That You Have To Press In 2021

Diversifying your income and moving towards being your own boss with a fixed time scale provides rich benefits on the longer run. 2021 has redefined many concepts in the existing business model in UAE, the economic hub, and adapting to these changes is inevitable if you want to move forward.

  • Time – Having a fixed time frame to achieve what you want is something vital as the last 20 months has taught us that you may end up doing nothing just to keep you alive.
  • Effort – How can we manipulate the abundant time to manifest in avenues of profit without taking much risks.
  • Finance – If your money is not making more money while you sleep then your business expiry date is fixed and you will not be able to do anything about it.

“Follow your Passion” is for retired people. It Should be “What works for me in Dubai?”

Doing what makes you happy leads you back to your content life and is not suitable for business in UAE. What are the latest trends of doing business and how to keep up with it should be your motto.The most exciting form of doing business is through online as you may often wonder how easy it is to manage the same from the comfort of not leaving your home.

  • Dropshipping
  • Online Courses
  • Consulting & Sales
  • Social Media Marketing

Amazon Doesn't Own A Single Outlet But They Are The Best Sellers, Think About It:

Dropshipping concept works for you if you know how to procure the supply and meet the demand as identified by you. Knowing your turf is an unwritten prerequisite for doing dropshipping as you are supposed to either already have the knowledge of product demands in Dubai or somehow be capable of identifying it.

  • Calculating the demand for a product
  • What variant and type of product sells well
  • How to bring in the supply
  • Pricing the products
  • Promoting the products
  • Volume deal discounts

Identify the market potential in UAE for a product and analyze how much competition there is already. How you make it easier, in procuring and delivering, to your target customer. Your price includes your profit plus the price of the product in your source where you dropship from and there you go, just a few clicks and you have made money without a physical store or an outlet in Dubai. Now slowly increase the volume and there comes your gross profit of the market share.

Online Coaching in UAE Has Huge Potential To Make Six Figures Per Month:

You need not be an academic to be a teacher, all you need is sufficient subject knowledge and the knack to get that idea through your students in an interesting manner. A good streaming speed on the internet with a little promotion to your video link and Voila!! you will soon be wondering how your money multiplies in a short while, with even a single video.

  • Good interpersonal skills to gauge your students
  • Engaging and smooth spoken language
  • Good marketing tool for your videos
  • Recent certification for added reliability

Do Your Business Where People Live And Enjoy, Yes, Social Media, The Elixir Of Life:

The quickest way to reach your target audience is through the social Media way of approach. Identify the popular platform in which you have to take your product or brand or service based on the stats of how many percent of the population use it in UAE. You can also become an influencer yourself once you are well versed in any particular social signal particularly instagram and twitter.

  • Social Media Channel Marketing
  • Profile involves posting regularly
  • Paid Ads will come to you
  • Bigger income based on more followers

Be An Online Consultant Helping Entrepreneurs In UAE With Ideas To Boost Their Sales:

Several times we end up with more workable ideas in Dubai but no financial backup to execute them. Experience acquired over years gives fail-safe and risk-free ideas to succeed and sharing this expertise to budding start-ups will yield a handsome pay. If you are a tally expert in UAE, the business hub of the world, you can oversee accounts for other companies as a consultant.

  • Appropriate certification on the service offered
  • Resources to complete the task, like tally software etc.,
  • Reliable profile page showing your rich experience
  • Proficient regional language to sell your service better

Many avenues are opened in 2021 to mint money on a short notice with minimal investment and identifying them, which suits your experience, makes it all easy to be successful.

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